Immigration Seminar and Q&A

March 10, 2017

On Friday, March 10, 2017,  the City of Takoma Park Police Department invited Takoma Park school principals and staff, city-elected officials and community leaders for an immigration seminar and Q&A. The seminar was to address questions and concerns regarding several executive orders signed by the newly elected President related to increased immigration enforcement and bans on travel.


Since the bans, many students began expressing serious concern about the possibility of coming home from school and finding out that their parents/siblings have been taken into custody by ICE agents and are being prepared to be deported out of the country. To deescalate the fear and uncertainty many in our community were experiencing, Takoma Park Police Department hosted the first dialogue and Q&A about immigration issues to reassure community residents that they stand in solidarity with them.   


Along with an immigration attorney, Elizabeth Keyes, the following issues were covered:


1) Which refugees are eligible for resettlement in the United States?
2) After an immigration arrest, how soon will the undocumented immigrant be deported? What is
the process?
3) If the Immigration Judge orders an immigrant deported, what's next?
4) If someone tips ICE off that I'm illegally in the U.S., will I be deported?
S) What obligations do schools have when it comes to working with ICE?
6) Are children protected from ICE on school grounds?
7) Are we protected from ICE entering our homes without a warrant?
8) What exactly does the new executive order state and who does it affect?
9) Can you offer any resources for families who need assistance with immigration issues?




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